The benefits of Inventory Management Software

For 3PL providers, winning business is all about delivering excellent customer service.  In the global and fast paced business environment, customer service is really what differentiates a company in the supply chain and logistics service industry.  Customer service, however, can mean a lot of things to a lot of companies.  But at the very least a 3PL provider must be fast, agile, accurate, and efficient.

If you want your customers to rave about your service, you must invest in your inventory management software.  Companies today can no longer afford to be using an “analog” system where manual data entry, fax machines, and Excel make up the backbone of your inventory control.  Companies need inventory management software that is on the cutting edge of “digital” technology which enables them to achieve the customer service their clients require.

SphereWMS provides leading technology and solutions for Inventory Management Software

If you’re looking to take your logistics solution to the next level, SphereWMS is the right inventory management software provider for your business.  SphereWMS delivers on the critical pieces of your business such as receiving, managing, fulfilling, and connecting your customers to your inventory.   It also is able to deliver all these benefits affordably and without significant investment.  By implementing SphereWMS as your inventory management software solution you can join with other third party logistics companies that have reduced costs by up to 50%.

Why choose SphereWMS for your Inventory Management Software?

Experienced Management Team:  The SphereWMS team is led by experienced leaders that have worked in the logistics and software development industry for many years.  With experience working with industry leaders such as Level 3 Communications, IBM, Hyundai, and Sprint, the SphereWMS team developed the insight and expertise to develop cutting edge inventory management software.

Affordable Solutions:  SphereWMS’ inventory management software can deliver amazing results and a great price.  One benefit of this inventory management software is its ability to integrate seamlessly with your clients’ systems.  Business to business integration across multiple applications is a critical component of any inventory software.  This integration allows you to stay connected with clients and reduce costs by integrating supply chain processes across multiple applications.

SphereWMS’ inventory management software is also affordable because it is a completely online, web-hosted technology.  Instead of investing in expensive IT infrastructure and managing IT resources, SphereWMS’ inventory management software can be deployed online so your company and clients can access it at any time.  Without the need to deploy the IT infrastructure you can have this inventory management software up and running quickly without long implementation cycles.

Other key features of SphereWMS’ inventory management software

Receipt Processing:  The advanced receipt processing of this inventory management software allows your business to achieve efficiencies that your competitors cannot.  Our inventory management software includes advanced receipt notice, web-based supplier advanced ship notice (ASN), receipt label printing, receipt confirmation emails, and a whole lot more.
Inventory management:  SphereWMS’ inventory management software is able help your business provide great customer service.  The inventory management software also includes the ability to handle stock transfers, cycle counts, on-hand or in-transit visibility, and minimum/maximum reorder points.

Dynamic Reporting:  The best businesses not only have the best data available at their fingertips, but can leverage it to make critical decisions.  SphereWMS developed flexible and easy to use reporting features into their inventory management software to help you be in control at all times.  This dynamic reporting feature has predefined reports on inventory management and shipping that can be used as is or customized for greater flexibility.  The reports in this inventory management software can also be made public for clients to access at any time.