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Quickbooks Advanced Inventory Integration

Quickbooks Inventory Integration options

Our powerful inventory management system works seamlessly with QuickBooks. SphereWMS and QuickBooks bring together the best of small business accounting and financial management with powerful, easy-to-use warehouse and inventory management. It’s a cost effective solution to overcome the inventory management and order fulfillment limitations many QuickBooks users experience. “It just works.”

SphereWMS is compatible with most versions of Quickbooks. Contact us to find out if your version will work.

SphereWMS integrates with all of the key business processes in QuickBooks transferring information automatically and instantaneously in both directions between the systems:

  • Vendor Management
  • Customer Management
  • Inventory Part Management
  • Purchase Orders and Item Receipts
  • Sales Orders and Invoicing
  • Inventory Transfers
  • Inventory Adjustments

For more detailed information about each of the integration points between SphereWMS and QuickBooks, click here.

We know that every business and every warehouse is different so we have designed SphereWMS to be flexible. Take a look below at the features of our QuickBooks integration and see what we can offer for you!

Benefits of the SphereWMS Quickbooks Inventory Options

Vendor & Customer Management

Synchronization between systems is as easy as creating a vendor or customer in QuickBooks. Information such as address and type are entered into the familiar QuickBooks interface, minimizing the learning curve and allowing the front office to maintain control of administrative tasks in the warehouse. Our exclusive quick controller application immediately sends the information to SphereWMS and the supplier or customer is automatically created or updated. Additional changes related to inventory management can be made in SphereWMS such as assigning a primary inventory location.

Inventory Part Management

Inventory parts or items are created and updated in the familiar QuickBooks interface. You can use as much or as little detail as required by your business. This allows for a high level of flexibility for any business need that you may have. Items are automatically synced in the SphereWMS system in real-time. The SphereWMS system provides for very detailed configuration not supported in QuickBooks such as Date Tracking, Lot #, Tag/Serial #, Bin Location, Status (e.g., Good, Damaged, On-hold, etc.)

Purchase Orders and Item Receipts

QuickBooks purchase orders are automatically sent to SphereWMS for processing receipts upon arrival at the warehouse. Receipt processing and putaway is entered by wireless scanner, iPhone/iPod Apple scanner/app, or manually in the SphereWMS interface. When the receipt is posted in SphereWMS, an item receipt for the actual quantities received is automatically created in QuickBooks and the purchase order is marked complete. Partial receipts are managed through backorder processes in both SphereWMS and QuickBooks.

Sales Orders and Invoicing

Sales orders are passed from QuickBooks to SphereWMS automatically when created. Each order is allocated available inventory in SphereWMS and an allocation status is displayed. SphereWMS supports partial shipments and backorders. The shipment post process in SphereWMS automatically creates an invoice in QuickBooks for the quantity shipped. Backordered items are also displayed on the QuickBooks invoice and when inventory becomes available the remainder of the order is allocated and the allocation status is displayed as complete. An invoice is created for each shipment and the invoice is flagged as pending, maintaining financial control in the front office. After review it is released in QuickBooks by marking it as final.

Inventory Transfers & Adjustments

SphereWMS allows authorized warehouse personnel to move inventory between physical or logical locations or adjust inventory quantities. Selecting specific inventory detail to transfer or adjust can be done with a wireless scanner, iPhone/iPod scanner/app, or manually in the SphereWMS interface. The graphical user interface provides quick access to inventory attributes such as lot, tag, or serial number and the post process automatically transfers the inventory updates to QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Integration Videos

For more detailed information about each of the integration points between SphereWMS and QuickBooks, please watch the video about our integration or select a specific topic of interest:

Full QuickBooks Integration
(6min 55sec)

Inventory Management
(1min 9sec)

Purchase Order & Item Receipts
(1min 22sec)

Sales Orders & Invoicing
(1min 33sec)

Inventory Transfers & Adjustments
(2min 8sec)

Vendor Management &
Customer Management
(1min 50sec)