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Support Overview

At SphereWMS, we believe you deserve more than a “thank you for your inquiry.” That’s why we make sure that no question or request ever goes into a black hole. We know you’re busy and need a solution.  So here’s what happens when you submit a ticket.

Tracking Your Ticket

  1. A request for support creates a trouble ticket within the system and assigns a ticket number.
  2. The system sends an email to acknowledge the submission and provide you with the ticket number.
  3. The response team reviews your request and prioritizes the ticket based on level of severity.
  4. Depending on the nature of the request and level of severity, the trouble ticket is sent to either a support team or technician.
  5. To keep you apprised of your ticket status, the response team provides on-going updates to you via email, and will notify you when the problem is resolved.