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10 Reasons Your Boss Wants Carrier Integration

Integrating carrier logistics into your warehouse management system will change your relationship with your carriers. The coordination of carriers makes shipping more efficient, making your customers happy and improving your bottom line and making your boss very happy all at the same time.

The old fashioned way of shipping has been replaced with a system that works practically on it’s own and is more efficient, and more accurate. Routes are calculated, labels are printed, and information is provided almost automatically. This also reduces the time your workforce spends on each order.

Your warehouse management system can customize your carrier information to fit within contractual agreements with carriers and it will calculate the fastest possible routes for your products while saving you money. All the information you need to provide your customers with the best service you can provide is at your fingertips.

  1. It provides seamless integration with carrier shipping software reducing errors and speeding up the shipping process. Your companies communicate through electronic means, so data, entered by you, is transmitted to your carrier. Enter data once, verify it, and rest assured that the information transmitted is correct.
  2. It is integrated with leading carrier's dispatch systems so you can take advantage of multiple carriers services. Multiple carriers are managed within your system coordinating their load, routes, and billing.
  3. It automatically creates shipping labels, eliminating the need for data entry, reducing errors and speeding up the process. Because the information was previously entered by you, there is no need to enter it again. Labels are printed out when items are boxed and ready to ship.
  4. You can record carrier tracking details to create a digital trail that enables visibility through the process and enables customer service to solve shipping problems fast and lets your customers watch the process beginning to end.
  5. You will eliminate keying in shipment and consignment details on tracking labels decreasing errors and eliminate wasted time spent on data entry. Information on labels is verified at the time of entry and shared via EDI.
  6. You can trace shipments from pickup to delivery. Keep track of the delivery process from beginning to end so that when problems arrive you can fix them immediately, answer customer questions, be notified when customers receive their orders. Giving you and your customers a much appreciated peace of mind.
  7. It combines orders to the same general destination creating a more efficient system that is also cost effective. Your system balances cost and timing to get your products to your customers quickly while reducing your costs.
  8. It uses crate and route planning to find the shortest route to any destination and combining items going in the same general direction.
  9. It can eliminate errors in shipping details because the data is entered once and is shared electronically.
  10. It streamlines the entire dispatch process so shipping happens almost automatically.

If you haven’t included carrier integration in your warehouse management system, you’re not providing the best experience for your customers and you’re not taking advantage of all that your system can provide.