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3 Tips to Applying Key Features of a WMS in Your School

By david.yarbrough | April 14, 2015 | Blog

Obviously, when you have a business that entails a lot of inventory, you need a Warehouse Management System. But what about around a place like a school? You may not need a SphereWMS at your school to manage everything, but you can certainly apply the same principles that the WMS uses to organize a warehouse to organize your school.

Sphere Warehouse Management Systems operate under some important assumptions, and those same ideas can help you to organize your school on a smaller scale.

1. Paper-based systems only get you so far.
Schools tend to accumulate clutter, as students lose things, teachers accumulate papers and tests, and items fall out of use. Keeping an inventory of all of the supplies at your school can help you to keep track of what you have and what you need. You can keep track of examples, student work, teaching supplies, electronic equipment, books, and so forth.

However, if you try to keep track of things using a pen and paper, you won’t get too far. Using an online management system will let you keep track of your school, so you won’t order duplicate supplies, or forget that you need to order a new book because the old one got lost or ruined.

2. Efficiency is key.
The whole point of keeping your school organized is to help you to be more efficient. Needing to hold extra meetings to figure out what supplies the school needs and what it already has does not promote efficiency. Teachers can be more efficient if they know where all of the supplies are kept, and if the supplies are organized well and restocked regularly.

That being said, the best management system for your school depends on you and your needs. Just like SphereWMS is specific to warehouse management needs and easy to customize, you need the same thing for your school. You need a system that fits your school and is easy for you and the teachers to use.

3. Apps are the future.
No matter what aspect of your school needs to be better organized, chances are there’s an app that will help you to do it more efficiently.

For example, there are several apps that let you catalog and keep track of a home library, but these could easily be adapted by individual teachers. That way they can keep track of students who have borrowed books, books they want to get for future classes, and which books students liked or didn’t like.

If your school is having trouble coordinating meetings or getting projects done, there are a number of apps that are designed with those difficulties in mind. A single app can help large groups of people to collaborate and work together to get things done.

Of course, depending on how big your school is, you may want to get a WMS. While a school is different from a business in many ways, there are also many similarities. They both have employees, they both have inventory, and they both benefit from organization. You can always start by implementing WMS strategies around your school and get a WMS later.