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4 Reasons Old Equipment Doesn’t Work

By david.yarbrough | June 04, 2015 | Blog

WMS technology has come a long ways over the years, which has lead to leaps and bounds in the inventory-tracking department. Tracing the ins-and-outs of client inventory without disaster takes work, and your undivided attention is better utilized elsewhere in the company. However, your warehouse’s technology may be in need of a major upgrade.

If your employees are still using ancient equipment to manage your warehouse then you need to read on. Physical equipment like bulky PCs, oversized scanners and a multitude of binders and clipboards had their place a long time ago, but if you want to lighten the workload while simplifying the picking, packing and shipping process, we suggest you get plugged in..!

Trading in your old computers, RF Scanners and paper products for state-of-the-art equipment may sound like a costly hassle but it doesn’t have to be. You see, Sphere WMS is a Cloud-based, wireless system that combines simple barcode scanning with a free mobile app, eliminating the need for excessive upfront costs and an additional IT team. There is beauty in simplicity.

Having this 21st century solution means that the time to ditch those ancient devices is now. Just in case you aren’t fully convinced, however, we have put together four reasons detailing why you need the assistance of Sphere WMS.

1. Old Equipment has Hard-to-Read Screens

Technology past its prime dictates that you input product information using small, impossible-to-decipher screens. Larger screens are dull, typically dark in nature, and utilize green (who came up with that?) text, making an ideal environment for sore necks and strained eyes. Inputting product IDs using tiny scanner keypads (or worse, on paper!) is time consuming, too.

If you use Sphere WMS, bar codes show up clearly and easily, right from your mobile device’s well-lit screen, with black lettering. Technology always delivers the goods, so to speak.

2. Old Equipment is Over-Sized

Have you ever held an RF Scanner? Those things are not only bulky, awkward to handle and difficult to store when not being used, they aren’t doing your employees any favors. Decade-old computers are also space-hogs-you have better things to put on your work desk than an overheated, virus-prone computer. (If the computer is still in decent condition, consider donating it to the local library or school.) Also, lots of steno pads and notebooks are only going to fall on the floor, creating havoc and frustration. Nobody wants to bother finding a good spot for those things.

By using the WMS mobile app, you are not just eliminating a hefty appliance, you are freeing up your pockets/belt for one simple, lightweight device: your updated, upgraded iphone and/or ipod.

3. Old Equipment Doesn’t Multi-Task

Have you logged on to an old PC lately? Simply turning on the machine is a five-minute procedure, requiring lots of humming, heating up, whirring, and patience. You aren’t going to find any of the basics like address book, calculator, weather, or up-to-date notes, all of which are essential to a well-run warehouse. And paper? Last time we checked, paper is pretty one-dimensional.

And, as the name signifies, RF Scanning devices aren’t exactly multifunctional. Not only are they one-dimensional, they make what should be simple tasks laborious and require training with each new update. At twice the cost of our simple Windows Mobile app, you aren’t getting a whole lot of bang for your buck.

4. Old Equipment Can’t Use Real Time Updating

If you’re not convinced yet, consider this: Old PCs and scanners don’t upload automatically. This means your clients as well as your employees are left in the dark whenever the scanners aren’t manually hooked up via USB cables or other old-school methods.

Our up-to-date mobile app allow clients to seamlessly and easily keep track of their inventory through their mobile devices in real-time, making Sphere WMS the ideal choice in a futuristic world.