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5 Ways SphereWMS Can Increase Employee Productivity

By david.yarbrough | June 09, 2015 | Blog

Running a successful company takes time, commitment, flexibility, and perhaps most important of all, employees that believe in your vision to provide only the best of the best, day in and day out. But keeping morale high can sometimes be a challenge. If things go wrong in the warehouse, people take that problem home with them, creating a tense home environment rather than a relaxing one. Without that break, the workplace can become a breeding ground for anxiety and stress.

Inventory control and shipment of goods on time is key to your business, and getting all that done on time is possible with our web-based inventory management software. Here are five ways SphereWMS can increase employee productivity:

Employees Enjoy Open Communication

Spreadsheets, faxes, and phone calls can do the job for only so long. You need a system that lets you automate your processes, have full visibility, and gain complete operational control. Now you can know what you have, who sent it, and where it is going – all in real time. SphereWMS is here to keep track of it all for you. That’s something personnel in all departments can appreciate!

Employees Get More Bang for Their Buck

SphereWMS is a fully hosted, web-based service, so you don’t have to invest in servers or worry about IT costs and maintenance. We eliminate the large, up-front investments required by those other guys, freeing you from unnecessary IT concerns. That translates to no expensive consulting fees, no software to install, no lengthy applications.

This means you will actually have some money left in the bank for a change, giving you the freedom to guiltlessly offer employee incentives and perks. Warehouse workers want a new coffee machine? No problem! Employees want better birthday parties? Sure, why not? Saving on a new WMS means being able to give back to those who have worked hard and more than earned their keep.

Employees Enjoy Real time Visibility

Employees work closely with multiple clients to receive and ship on their behalf. They demand individualized solutions and expect you and your employees to adapt to their business processes. Having real-time visibility of inventory and all activity in the warehouse is crucial. SphereWMS prepares you to do business, hassle-free.

Employees Get to Be Heard

Do you have a new employee with a question? (Ok, make that a lot of questions!) No worries. SphereWMS is here to serve you, on the phone and in person. We staff our own help desk – that means no answering services, no offshore technical support. For your convenience, we’re available 24/7. We provide an atmosphere that says it’s all right to ask questions, provide feedback, and even offer constructive criticism.

Employees Enjoy WMS Simplicity

SphereWMS offers all the functionality you need to standardize processes, improve accuracy, and conquer the day-to-day struggle. Now employees can focus on better utilizing existing resources, containing costs, and creating an agile and flexible warehouse adaptable to change. A simple WMS means they can concentrate on bigger, more important aspects of their job.