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A Passionate & Thriving Director: A Look at PJ Packer’s Journey

By Mike Mullane | March 07, 2013 | Blog

Our Director of Professional Services has been a member of the ASPGS team for 15 years. His roles have changed over the years, he’s worn many different hats, but one thing has remained the same during his tenure: his commitment and dedication to our company and willingness to take on complicated projects. We are proud to announce that PJ Packer was recently promoted to Director of Professional Services where he continues to improve business efficiencies and methodologies.

Believe it or not, PJ’s “ASPGS journey” began at a bowling alley. A conversation between PJ’s wife and our chairman led to PJ’s first position with the company (to make a long story short). As a junior technician, PJ began to develop and hone his skills, which carved his path into a management role within our professional services and then project management sectors. He also served as a senior developer and senior project lead; like I said before, PJ has worn a lot of hats.

One of PJ’s greatest assets is that he enjoys solving problems. From the moment he steps into the office until he shuts his door at night, PJ is constantly looking for ways to solve customer issues, streamline processes and procedures, and make our company operate at its highest level. It’s employees like him that make us all work harder toward common goals, and those goals include delivering customized, highly functioning warehouse management solutions to our clients.

PJ describes ASPGS as an extended family type of workplace where everyone adheres to the same objectives and execution of delivery. “Since coming on board with the company, there has been more consistency through increased structure, which is a good thing. When processes are streamlined, and everyone operates on the same field, the customer experience improves with a higher level of support given, allowing our company to execute tasks as flawlessly as we can.” PJ said.

Thriving in this type of environment, and in his new role, PJ feels like he has more influence on the company he’s grown up with, really being able to dig in, improve ASPGS methodology, enhance training and support functions, ensure company checks and balances, continue to define and strengthen employee roles, and put his stamp on the “ASPGS way.”

As CEO, it not only excites me that my employee feels so strongly about continuously improving the products and services we offer, but it’s also inspiring to know that people like PJ live and breathe this stuff day after day, understanding and embodying the idea that our lifeblood is the support of our customers. To him, work is his passion and his dedication of making ASPGS and SphereWMS the best it can possibly be. It’s safe to say all companies could use a team player like PJ; after all, it’s not every day you come across someone so passionate and driven they’re willing to leverage family members to find their perfect career.