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Why Faxes, Phone Calls, and Filing Cabinets No Longer Cut It

By Cassandra Marks | April 18, 2016

In the past, companies like 3PLs, distribution and fulfillment centers relied on paper to keep things running smoothly. Need to let your client know that the delivery time has been bumped up an hour? Fax them a notice on your company letterhead. Trying to locate the assistant to that VIP customer you’ve been dying to meet up with to talk numbers? Pull out the company Rolodex, look up their number and dial them up on the phone. What about the minutes from last week’s bimonthly company sit-down session? Locate it in the secretary’s filing cabinet by the front desk.

That worked well enough then, but technology has stepped up to the plate, and it deserves your attention! A warehouse management system consolidates these caveman-worthy methods into one reliable, real-time solution that works for all involved in the daily logistics of the company.

Here is why you need to upgrade to warehouse management software, and why fax machines, phones and physical filing cabinets are on their way out.