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Does SphereWMS work with RF Scanners ?

The Quick Answer is Yes..

However you'd be amazed how often this question comes up every week in our conversations with new prospects.  I can't think of a Warehouse Management System that does not work with RF scanners, it's pretty much an assumption today.  To be honest, we sometimes overshoot this point in conversations with prospects and the prospect asks the question, 'Do you work with RF scanners?'  To which the answer is obviously yes.

So What RF Scanners does SphereWMS Support?

SphereWMS currently works with both the traditional RF scanner devices and mobile devices with scanners as well. As an example, the Motorola 9190 model is very popular and widely deployed, we also work with several other popular models as well. Note: Motorola is now part of Zebra. (  


SphereWMS also has a mobile app available on the Apple App Store. SphereWMS customers can use the mobile app with their system for no additional charge, it's a free download. SphereWMS customers can use the app as a scanner and also to view their inventory, orders, shipments, etc. 


If you wish to use the mobile app as a scanner, you can start by using the camera on your apple device (iPhone, iPod, iPad). If you want something a little more industrial, you can add a Honeywell Captuvo sled.  Adding the sled is a nice enhancement, as it includes a red laser scanner, extra battery, and the 'sled' also 'hardens' the device from accidental drops.  

For more information about the Honeywell Captuvo product click here -


Major Changes Coming...

We also believe we are going to see some major changes in the RF scanner device market.  As the current installed base of purpose built RF scanning devices starts to turn over, we expect the transition to be impacted by customers wanting to do everything on their mobile devices. This will be slowed somewhat by the need to 'harden' the devices against drops, but that will also be solved as newer generations of mobile devices become more drop resistant. It's going to be interesting to see how the market will evolve; we expect the warehouse management software user will only benefit from it.