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How Important is Going Green?

By david.yarbrough | July 09, 2015 | Blog

It seems like all you hear about today is going green. People talk about making their houses more green, their cars more green, and even their eating habits more green. But how important is it to make sure that your warehouse management system is “green” as well? Do customers really worry about how eco-friendly the companies they buy from are? According to some, it may mean more than you think.

As our society grows, so do the values of consumers. For many, the beliefs, views, and practices of your company matter more than your products and prices. Being environmentally friendly has more emphasis now than it ever has. Therefore, any decision you can make to shine a positive light on your company is a must.

The easiest way to shine this positive light on your warehouse is by using a web based warehouse management system. Having your inventory tracked through the web will help you save on paper, resulting in a more eco-friendly environment. Additionally, an online WMS will result in better organization and therefore less gas consumption in your warehouse vehicles. Here are just a few of the reasons why going green in your warehouse will improve your business by agreeing with the beliefs of customers.

Are Profits Put First?

Many customers have a poor view of companies and believe that they will do anything to increase their profits. Because of this, seeing a company branch out, care about the environment, and take effective steps to go green will make them eager to support that company and buy from them. Be sure to show your customers that you care about more than just your profits.

Do They Believe in You?

In industries where there are many suppliers and companies, it can be hard to get people to go with your business. When they do choose you, though, they are giving you their vote of confidence that you are the best in the industry. If you go green with your business functions, starting with your warehouse, it will be easier for your company to win these crucial votes. Investing in a WMS such as the one that Sphere provides is a crucial step in your company's campaign for a consumer’s business.

Can You See It?

The most difficult part about going green is having the eco-friendly steps you take be visible. It is simple to have a spokesperson hold a press conference and talk about what you have done for the environment, or to mention your green efforts in your commercials. However, why should the public believe everything that you say? The only way to get their full confidence is to show what you are doing to limit waste.

There are many different ways you can reveal the changes you have made. For instance, do more business through the web. This is an easy way to show your customers you are using less paper. Combining shipments is another great way to show your company’s green habits, since combining shipments uses less gas.