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How to Convince Your Boss to Get a WMS

By david.yarbrough | March 04, 2015 | Blog

If you’ve ever worked for a company that deals with shipping products and inventory, which is most businesses, you’ve probably dealt with some of the headaches that come with that. For instance, trying to keep track of shipments, trying to keep track of inventory that is coming in and going out, and trying to keep track of your customer base.

Investing in a Sphere Warehouse Management System can help your company to streamline its process, leaving you, its employees, able to do more important tasks. However, some bosses are afraid of new technology, some just don’t like change, and others think it’s too big of a financial investment.

No matter what type of boss you have, here are some great ways to help convince your boss to step into the modern world of technology and see how it can help them to have a better and more efficient business.

If your boss doesn’t like technology…

Show him or her how the Sphere WMS actually works. Most often people don’t like technology because they’ve had a bad experience in the past. They think that technology is overrated, that it isn’t actually very efficient, and that it’s overly complicated.

However, once you actually show your boss how an WMS works, all of the things that it can do or make easier, and how user friendly it is, they’ll soon be whistling a different tune. Sphere WMS has so many great features, such as the ability to manage multiple warehouses, online reporting, real time visibility, and great customer service, your boss will start to fall in love with technology.

If your boss doesn’t like change...

It’s probably just because they don’t realize how much change could improve their business. Remind your boss that in business, change is often an opportunity for growth. Good businesses are always evolving so that they can cater to client needs. For instance, many companies now use social media to help them advertise new products and promotions.

While a good WMS can dramatically change your business’s efficiency, it won’t change the business itself. A WMS doesn’t alter the goods you sell or the way that you sell them, it simply helps you to sell them better.

If you boss thinks it’s too expensive…

Explain that it’s an investment, but one that will almost instantly start returning dividends. After all, computers cost money, cash registers cost money, business real estate costs money--everything that you need to run a business costs money. But as the saying goes, it takes money to make money.

Sphere WMS is actually a great money saving tool, since it can reduce the amount of printing you have to do, it can reduce human error, and it can improve overall efficiency. If your boss is still hesitant, try putting together a chart that shows how much money your company currently spends on processes like shipping and receiving, on printing, and on communications between warehouses. Then show a chart that compares those costs with the cost of having Sphere WMS take care of those things for you. At that point, who could say no?