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Our Relationship Status with You: Happy and Committed

By david.yarbrough | June 23, 2015 | Blog

If you’ve been alive for the last ten years, you know social media tends to serve as an outlet for people entering and exiting relationships in the real world.

For example: A neighbor friend announces she met a really great guy at a local pub the night before. In just one week, you watch her silently via the incredible world wide web as she transitions from ‘in a relationship’ (why not?) to ‘it’s complicated’, and quickly back to ‘single’.

These days, nobody seems to want to commit to a relationship any more. Perhaps that’s because a great relationship takes hard work, whether it’s between two people or two companies. Here at Sphere WMS, we aren’t afraid to work with you in perfect harmony, helping you achieve better, more productive objectives in the workplace.

Here are three ways we promise to keep the lines of communication open and feel-good vibes alive with your company:

We won’t lie to you

We know that companies aren’t always honest, and that perhaps you’ve had business relationships with companies who made promises they didn’t keep. Maybe they promised to be available to you both day and night. They promised that their WMS software was the very best. They promised to keep costs low. They lied. You deserve more than that.

Here at Sphere WMS, we mean what we say and say what we mean. Do you have a question about a recent upgrade? Need help printing new labels? No worries. We’re here to serve you, on the phone and in person. We staff our own help desk, and that means no answering services and no inaccessible offshore technical support.

When we state that our Cloud-based Warehouse Management Software has minimal upfront costs yet offers flexible customization and great customer satisfaction, we stand behind that promise 100%.

We won’t give you the silent treatment

Other WMS companies are best known for doing one thing: nothing. If you experience a problem with their software, you quickly learn that multiple phone calls, emails and voicemails yield zero results. Did the company’s IT team not receive the email? Perhaps it was marked as ‘spam’…so you try sending from different platforms, you try calling at different times of the day.

Not hearing back from a company when you have a problem is frustrating. At SphereWMS, we are available for our clients 24/7. With expanded business hours and even an after-hours hotline, we pledge to be there to offer courteous customer service

We won’t shy away from commitment

Whether it’s preventing potential problems before they happen or responding to issues after they start, our response team is standing by with information and assistance so you can get your concerns resolved and get right back to business.

We are in this for the long haul, and that means keeping the lines of communication open. You can contact our response team by email, by phone or through the website support portal and we will absolutely get back to you. Sphere WMS is committed to you; unlike your neighbor, saying “it’s complicated” just isn’t in our vocabulary.