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The Power of a Mobile Warehouse Management System (WMS)

In the good old days, inventory was tracked by paper and manual labor.

In recent past, inventory was tracked via spreadsheet and manual labor.

As we catapult into the future everything has changed. Technology has reduced the need for all that manual labor. Now, almost everyone has a monolithic amount of information in the palm of our hands. In this fast paced future, we need super speed and hyper efficiency just to keep up.

Enter the mobile app (cue choir of angels). A well designed mobile app has the potential to give businesses a distinct advantage. Almost everyone has a smartphone...or two. Tablet sales are also robust and apps for both are varying and plentiful.

What impact will smartphone/tablets have on companies with warehouse management systems? How will WMS apps change the way businesses do business?

  • Reduce time and expense from training - Smartphones and tablets were made in heaven just for businesses. Because so many people have them and use them several times a day, there is very little training to be done. Most of the employees will be proficient in the use of smartphones, so all you need to do is download the app and go.
  • Productivity - One of the great advantages of using a mobile WMS is that it is available anywhere, at any time, for anyone who needs it. Anyone, from the CEO to stockroom clerk, can check on current inventory, see real time activity, and make adjustments without having to run back to a computer. Instant stock transfers or adjustments are made quickly, and tracking order fulfillment and shipping is a snap.
  • Phones become handheld scanners - Phones with cameras serve as hand held scanners that make receiving, tracking, and putting away product simple and fast. Expensive equipment isn’t necessary.
  • Increased communication between employees - Communication between employees is increased. Anyone with an enabled smartphone can see changes, make comments, sent notes, and exchange ideas.
  • Reduce human error - Because of the increase in communication, mistakes made by employees are reduced. They don’t have to guess. It’s all there on their phone and if they have a question.
  • Easy to update - Updates are can be sent directly to the smartphone so every employee using them has the same information and capabilities. No need to send memos and take time to pull equipment from use to update it.
  • New and improved apps - New apps are being created constantly. Who knows what they’ll be able to do down the road? The potential is limitless.

When you have a communication hub in the palm of your hand and can get real time updates about what’s going on with your inventory, you can finally relax a little. Having your entire WMS available to you at any moment allows you to have more freedom and opens the door to more possibilities to increase your revenue and profit.