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The State of the Supply Chain Market & Warehouse Management Systems

Like any industry or market, that of the supply chain is constantly in flux with new trends, challenges, buzz and solutions, and so, it seems only fitting to take a step back every now and again and take stock of the state of things. I don’t know about the rest of you, but in so doing, I noticed several things. Take a look and let me know if you agree.

It’s All About Mobile

Mobile is huge, and I mean huge! This fact is true whether you are Facebook or among those of us who specialize in warehouse management systems for businesses small and large. Though it may seem like the impact of mobile is vastly different in different industries, the implications are more similar than you might think. In short: we all need to adapt to make mobile a priority. When Google puts out an ad featuring smartphones marching off to work – set to the Snow White classic “Heigh Ho!” no less – it’s time to take another look at the idea that devices are being put to work just as much as people. Mobile technology has helped to streamline and improve work in many arenas, and we should all be looking forward to what improvements it will next afford us.

The Cloud

Cloud technology continues to emerge as a major factor in the work we do. It’s increasingly important that in the supply chain biz, we not only exist in the cloud, but also use it to help ourselves and our clients thrive. Think: security, increased accessibility, reliability and flexibility, and that’s just the beginning of the possibilities.

Visibility is Big

With increased mobility and accessibility, improved visibility has become much more than a perk or a selling point. It’s rapidly become essential to the way we, and so many others, do business. We all need visibility anywhere around the world and in the palm of our hands. As a warehouse management system provider, I know how important real-time, accurate data is to the businesses we serve, but it’s also true that immediacy is nothing without the ability to access that information from anywhere, and that’s not about to become a falsehood.


If mobility, accessibility and visibility are big factors for clients, it logically follows that convenience and ease of use are going to come into play as well. Integrating warehouse management systems with clients’ systems is an option that is both popular and practical. Integration allows for customization, single system use and certainly provides a boost for all of the above as well.

The supply chain market is constantly evolving, and it’s important to occasionally step back and assess – look at the industry as a whole, as well as one’s specific place in the market: one’s niche. Equally, if not more important, is that all of us in the WMS realm continue to push the boundaries of what’s (technologically) possible so our industry continues to advance and thrive.