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The Importance of Real-Time Visibility with WMS

Technology is advancing and customers are expecting product ordered today to be at their doorstep yesterday. Real-Time visibility of what inventory you have available in the warehouse, what inventory you have on order to the warehouse and what your upcoming order demand looks like is a necessity in today’s world. It is unacceptable to a customer for a company to not know where inventory is within their warehouse or to be out of stock. Now you have an angry customer that might just take their business elsewhere and may never return.

If your company is utilizing a Warehouse Management System you are headed in the right direction. Using a WMS to track the ins and outs of clientele product is essential to running a business in today’s crazy world.

However, some of those businesses out there may be using outdated software, or perhaps their software is non-existent. It may seem implausible, but if a small startup business is relying on sticky notes and spiral notebooks, things are going to fall apart really quickly. You don’t want this mayhem to happen to you.

If your company is losing clients due to obsolete methods, it’s time to upgrade to a WMS that offers easy-to-learn software that offersreal-time visibility, whether you’re on site or not. There are four areas an advanced WMS demonstrates the importance of real-time visibility to a company’s inventory data:

The Importance of Receiving:

A high-end WMS is meant to streamline the movement of received merchandise from the point of arrival to where it will ultimately be stored in your warehouse. If your new client is nervous about their first shipment, chances are you will be hearing from them quite a lot in the beginning. “Have you received our product yet? Is it intact? Is it all there?”


Out of date technology will leave you scrambling for answers, and a waiting client is an unhappy one. Utilizing a WMS with real time visibility allows you to quickly (and honestly) reassure them that everything was accounted for exactly seven minutes ago.


The Importance of Storage:

This can include the manual or automatic allocation of product into specific areas within your warehouse. If you have yet to purchase a quality WMS, you may be relying on manpower to eyeball where product should go. Of course every warehouse needs real people to keep things running, but to err is human, and errors cost time and money.

It only takes one absent-minded person talking on their cellphone to write down the wrong number or the incorrect code to leave your floor in a disorganized mass of unmarked boxes and confusion. Then the client calls, demanding a recount of their product…and you don’t even know where it’s stored, let alone when it is supposed to move out.

If something doesn’t seem right, you can log in to the WMS at any time, day or night, just to reassure yourself that the product is, indeed, stored right where it was supposed to be, per your instructions.


The Importance of Picking:

If you’re still new to the world of WMS, this term refers to the act of collecting the items of a specific order within the warehouse. When it comes time for that new customer’s product to move off the shelves, it’s imperative that your company move quickly and effectively to process the order so their business is as competent as it promises. After all, that person may be a customer to you, but they have customers of their own.

Order Processing


The Importance of Delivery:

A quality WMS will contain a detailed account of anything and everything related to their shipment, meaning you can assure them that, in real time, it’s expected that they will be receiving their delivery 15 minutes ahead of schedule. You can even report that shipment was cheaper than anticipated, because your WMS just informed you that shipment was lighter than the previous delivery.

Efficiency, accuracy and speed are all necessary when operating a warehouse and a great warehouse management system will give you the real-time visibility that your business needs to keep your clients happy and coming back time after time.



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