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9 Reports Your Warehouse Manager Should Be Running

By Cassandra Marks | June 06, 2016

In today’s data driven world knowing how your warehouse is performing and finding areas to improve efficiency and speed of delivery are like gold to management and customers. Regularly running reports in your warehouse management system is critical for diagnosing the health of your inventory and warehouse management processes. In this blog we will discuss 9 reports that can help you identify which products are raising your inventory holding costs, improve the use of your warehouse space and define best practices for your labor force.

Massive amounts of data can be correlated at the touch of a button in order to spot trends, discover inefficiencies, and speed up the entire process. Workforce management is made simple and can be customized by need. You can maximize relationships that increase your bottom line and eliminate time and resource waste.

How do you determine which reports are the most useful to run? Well, we have done the work for you and have compiled what we have seen as the 9 most telling reports that your warehouse manager should be running to improve your overall warehouse efficiency:

3 Benefits a WMS Brings to Small Business

By Cassandra Marks | May 16, 2016

If you have a small business, you may have wondered if it’s worth it to invest in a warehouse management system. After all, many of the advantages of a warehouse management system seem more suited to bigger businesses like 3PLs, distribution and fulfillment centers that need to keep track of and coordinate inventory across multiple warehouses. However, a warehouse management system can be beneficial for small businesses, too.

  • Inventory Management
  • Customer & Supplier Management
  • Improving Employee Productivity

4 Reasons Excel is a Poor Choice for Tracking Inventory

By Cassandra Marks | April 25, 2016

Whether your business consists of just a handful of employees or you are a big-time, Nationwide Corporation, chances are you have something in common, and that is the need for organization in the warehouse. Having organized inventory utilizing a great warehouse management system means you can provide consistent and reliable service to your customers. In this blog you will read about just four of the reasons that excel is a poor choice for tracking inventory in your warehouse.