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Warehouse Management Systems and Gold Standard Customer Service

By Cassandra Marks | May 09, 2016

Sit back for a minute and reflect on the last time you interacted with Customer Service. Was it the returns counter at a retailer? Maybe it was a call to your work’s IT help desk or heaven forbid it was the ever dreaded phone call to your cable or internet service provider. Did you get all worked up and anxious because you knew it was going to be a fight? Did you get what you wanted out of the experience or did you give up and settle on the solution provided? Were you even able to get ahold of someone to talk too?

With the ever changing business landscape, technological advancement and instant access to information via the world wide web, customer service has been evolving too. 15 years ago you had to read the back of a package or the instruction manual that came with the product to find a customer service number or bring the product back to the place it was purchased for more information.

Fast forward to 2007. The internet was really starting to flourish, more people were gaining access and mobile phones were also attaining internet connectivity. More information was becoming accessible at one’s fingertips than ever before and it was instant (or what we thought was instant at the time). Now, fast forward to 2016. Today’s population has been consumed by the instant availability of services and information and now expect that instant gratification from a purchase or solution. Unfortunately, not all companies feel the need to provide that instant gratification with their customer service, well unless you want to pay for it.


How SphereWMS Can Improve Your Customer Satisfaction

By david.yarbrough | June 15, 2015

No matter what your business is, customer satisfaction is key. Pleasing customers not only reflects well on the company, but it brings in new business through positive customer reviews. The key to receiving these reviews is making sure that the customer comes first. SphereWMS can help you achieve this goal, while providing you with impeccable customer service at the same time.

What is a Warehouse Management System (WMS)?

By david.yarbrough | December 04, 2014

In simple terms a Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a software application whose purpose is to control the daily operation of a warehouse. Essentially a WMS focuses on shipping, receiving, putaway and picking of materials and product. A Warehouse Management System could stand alone as a single application or it could also be part of a larger system. Some WMS software is so complex that companies will hire an entire staff dedicated to operating and maintaining the system.

The Power of a Mobile Warehouse Management System (WMS)

By david.yarbrough | November 28, 2014

In the good old days, inventory was tracked by paper and manual labor.

Business Strategy: Keeping an Eye on your Competition

By Mike Mullane | March 05, 2014

When it comes to warehouse management systems, there are many options out there for warehouse operators of every size – models ranging from traditional licensed software to Software as a Service (SaaS) to building a home grown WMS. At SphereWMS, we believe we offer the best solution, as compared to all of the alternatives, but that begs a common question that we see all the time, who are our competitors? It is a basic question with some expected, and unexpected, answers.