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Use SphereWMS to Physically Organize Your Warehouse

Managing and running the many daily operations within a large warehouse is a full time job. Everybody knows that. But overseeing a warehouse is one thing; keeping that space physically organized is another. Yes, the software will point you in the right direction when you need to locate a customer’s product. Yes, WMS will tell you exactly how much product there is. But what if you can’t physically get to it?

Overflowing boxes, misplaced personal items and blank descriptions can waylay your schedule, having a domino effect on future shipments. Avoid this company issue by choosing a few suitable techniques to keep the peace. This way when you need something, you know exactly where to go to get it.

Label with Photos
Your WMS system knows where everything is, but do you? While we aren’t suggesting you commit your company’s showroom merchandise to memory, it’s a good idea to have some order to things, detectable to even the human eye. Use SphereWMS to take a photo of the product upon receiving, logging in any extra details at the same time.

Not only will this serve as a visual aide for workers passing by in the aisles, but that same photo documents that the shipment was received without damage. (Taking a photo of the client’s name on the delivery is another way to go.) Once that’s done, simply print the image out and attach with staples or tape. You can even email the customer, visually confirming their product is in safe, capable hands.

Group Like Items Together
Of course each customer’s product is grouped together. But you can kick it up a notch by placing like items together within that same shipment. If you are storing three different items for one customer, take a few extra moments to group the “A” items to the left, the “B” items in the center, and the “C” items to the right.

Write up this über-organized arrangement in your WMS and everyone will instantly be in the loop. Should you hear back from the customer next week, informing you that they need all the “B” items delivered within 12 hours, you will be more than ready to oblige. Done and done.

Keep Aisles Clear
Okay, you’ve used Sphere WMS to take and print photos of your customer’s product. You have grouped similar items together for easier access and delivery. Now you just have to ensure that there is enough space between each customer’s shipment and the warehouse aisles.

If you’re trying to navigate through close quarters, both safety and time can become factors in the long-term. Can employees walk around comfortably without bumping into odd angles and corners? Are warehouse personnel able to drive through without endangering the company equipment? Keeping walkways clear is essential for both man and machine. If someone does note a hazard, have him or her write it up using the WMS, then email it on to the correct department to have it remedied quickly.