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Use WMS via Your Smartphone

By david.yarbrough | March 12, 2015 | Blog

While people do still use desktop computers, more and more people are using more mobile technologies, such as tablets and smartphones, to do what they need to do. If you have access to your Warehouse Management System via your smartphone, you can check figures, invoices, and your inventory wherever you are.

Why Mobile Technology?

Some WMS are easier to use via mobile technology than others. If you travel a lot or you just like being able to receive updates and information 24/7, then you will probably want to find a WMS that supports smartphone usage.

The best way to access anything on your phone is through an app. Apps are specially designed tools that work with the size and capacity of your phone so that you can quickly and easily do what you need to do, whether it’s find some information or communicate with someone.

What Can You Do with an App?

Apps can be very versatile, allowing you to access information and accomplish tasks with a few swipes or taps. Some features that you should look for on a WMS app are the following:

  • Stock transfers or adjustments
  • Inquiries on current inventory status or any historical activity
  • Order fulfillment/shipping
  • Receiving/put-away

You’ll also want to check that the app is 4G capable, since you might need to get things done when a Wi-Fi network isn’t available.

Why an app?

Perhaps the number one reason to get a WMS app is because it does away with the necessity for older technology, like RF scanners. It used to be that you needed an RF scanner in order to effectively implement WMS technology, and the scanners could be expensive, clunky, and slow.

However a mobile app provides all of the benefits of an RF scanner without any of the downsides. Here are just a few ways that a mobile app performs better than a RF scanner:

    1. Low cost: While some apps may cost money, many of them are free. This can save you a lot of money, especially when you consider that each of your employees could have the app on their phone, rather than purchasing multiple scanners.
    2. Convenient: Rather than carrying around a large and bulky scanner, employees can just use the phone in their pocket.
    3. Easy to use: Most apps have intuitive interfaces that make them simple and easy to use, which also increases efficiency.
    4. Allow updates: Apps from businesses usually feature free, over the air updates. This means that you wouldn’t need to buy new scanners as technology improved. In fact, you wouldn’t have to do anything, because your apps would update automatically.
    5. Faster: Since WMS apps are usually integrated with the rest of the WMS system, it makes scanning and work quicker and easier than ever before.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a warehouse management system for your business, but weren’t sure about the cost and efficiency benefits due to the purchase of RF scanners, look for available apps. An app that can take the place of a scanner can save your business time and money, and make your WMS even more effective.