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We’re Obviously Doing Something Right

By Mike Mullane | February 27, 2013 | Blog

I had the opportunity to meet with a relatively new customer on New Year’s Eve in Dallas. It was a great visit and reminded me why I do this job. As most of us know, people can be hard to please. It takes understanding, willingness, and patience to build a strong relationship. When you come across a customer who is happy, satisfied, and willing to sing your praises, talk about it and share it with the world! Divulge the good news.

This company was very representative of what new customers look like, and how they need us to help them grow their business; meaning, they had no warehouse management solution in place, but there was a strong need for one. Their business is one of manufacturing pallets, as well as warehousing, logistics, transportation, and storage – as you can see, a high degree of producing, storing, and distributing goods.

One of our reps based in Dallas worked with this client and met them face-to-face to really show the impact of our SphereWMS product and how it could improve operations and streamline processes. We were competing for their business with multiple other vendors, and once we signed an agreement to do business, the positive remarks regarding our customer service started pouring in. A gentleman we worked with said, “The customer service was phenomenal, not just with our sales rep, but the entire ASP Global Services team. They’re quick to answer emails and provide timely solutions to our problems. They’re prompt and on top of everything.” He finished by saying, “They got my business.”

For any business owner, sales rep, or otherwise, those words stay with you for a long time. You put them away in your artillery for use when needed. Not only do we like customers singing our praises, but we know that we’re doing our jobs the right way; providing products and services that change the life of a business and its people. If we can offer something that’s simple, flexible, and cost-effective, and also provides seamless integration with other software, then we should be in business for a long time. The potion is simple: provide people with something they need to be more effective and efficient, do so in a way that’s understandable and attainable at a good value, and present it in a professional and logical manner, and people will take hold. Be upfront, be compassionate, and be real – that goes a long way with customers.

Whether you’re making ends meet with your pallet manufacturing business or you’re a multi-billion company, you need a warehouse management solution to operate effectively and at the highest level possible. SphereWMS and ASP Global Services offers a system that is fully customizable and can be tailor-made to fit the needs of your business. We stand by our services and can show you how it’s done genuinely and gracefully; a true win-win!