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Why Faxes, Phone Calls, and Filing Cabinets No Longer Cut It

In the past, companies like 3PLs, distribution and fulfillment centers relied on paper to keep things running smoothly. Need to let your client know that the delivery time has been bumped up an hour? Fax them a notice on your company letterhead. Trying to locate the assistant to that VIP customer you’ve been dying to meet up with to talk numbers? Pull out the company Rolodex, look up their number and dial them up on the phone. What about the minutes from last week’s bimonthly company sit-down session? Locate it in the secretary’s filing cabinet by the front desk.

That worked well enough then, but technology has stepped up to the plate, and it deserves your attention! A warehouse management system consolidates these caveman-worthy methods into one reliable, real-time solution that works for all involved in the daily logistics of the company.

Here is why you need to upgrade to warehouse management software, and why fax machines, phones and physical filing cabinets are on their way out.


WMS Replaces: Faxes

Facsimile forms (aka faxes) are still around, but the reasoning is a little beyond us. It’s 2015! Bulky, space-consuming fax machines require precious desk space, costly paper and ink refilling-not to mention the need for an additional phone line and a whole lot of patience for the recipient.

A WMS enables you to simply take a photo of the important document and save it to the appropriate client or company name. It takes mere seconds and is headache free. Email capability is a bonus, as well as timestamps and tracking exactly who sent whom what.


WMS Replaces: Phone Calls

Gone are the days of ringing up a key client and just crossing your fingers that they didn’t leave their office desk the moments before the phone began ringing. Cell phones are vital to keeping tabs on the whereabouts of people. But it can still be cumbersome reaching them, and that is where a WMS can improve on communication.

An industry leading warehouse management system utilizes WiFi connected devices via a mobile app to solve the challenges of getting things done. Don’t just leave a voicemail; scan the document you need them to view and send it over immediately.


WMS Replaces: Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinets still have their place for the essentials, but a WMS can essentially clear out that bulky, dented metal box and make room for more important things-like running your company. Recognizing that managing inventory is the cornerstone of your business, and that requires both simplicity and functionality.

You can now replace manila envelopes and 3 ring binders with virtual accounts that contain everything from serial numbers and invoices to web-based order entry and shipment confirmation via email. You don’t have to worry about losing those yellow sticky notes; take a picture of them, virtually file it all away and be finished. Don't even get us started on whiteboard or spreadsheet inventory tracking, lets save that for another post!

Your time, money and space are precious; a warehouse management system allows you to process orders quickly, file accurately and verify everything for accurate deliveries that go out on time, every time.


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