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WMS Technology: The Next Step in Warehousing

By david.yarbrough | July 21, 2015 | Blog

The warehousing business is still, at its heart, all about moving and storing merchandise, and those critical functions are unlikely to go away. But staying competitive is always a challenge, even when it seems that what you’re doing isn’t really changing. A growing number of warehousing companies are choosing to offer value-added services, expanding what they do to attract more clients.

However, it’s always critical to stay on the cutting edge of how you do what you do. That’s where new technology comes in. The right Warehouse Management System will make sure you can do what you do better.

Even if the essential functions of a warehouse haven’t changed, how quickly, how accurately, and how well—in other words, how efficiently—your company can perform those functions makes all the difference in keeping you competitive.

At the core of efficient warehousing is information. You and your employees have to know what products are coming and going, where and how they need to be stored, where to find them to fill an order, and more. Keeping it all in workers’ heads is definitely not a sound business strategy, but when it comes to speed and accuracy, neither is pen and paper.

Knowledge in a warehouse is about accessing information. Being able to access accurate information easily and quickly affects everything that happens in your warehouse, and having a WMS to store all that information and make it easily accessible anywhere is the critical next step in warehouse efficiency.

Information Means Speed

With a streamlined, automated system, workers can record and process incoming shipments faster and get the product where it needs to go in the warehouse. Everyone can quickly access what’s in the warehouse and how much, so customer orders can be filled accurately and quickly without workers losing time on the floor searching for product that isn’t there or searching for it in the wrong place. Shipping updates and client invoices can be processed instantly within the same system.

Information Means Control

If you can know what’s happening in your warehouse even when you’re not there, you’ll have greater flexibility to do what you need to do wherever you need to do it. Whether you’re traveling between warehouses or meeting with clients or suppliers, you have everything you need to ensure things are running smoothly.

The control a good WMS provides isn’t just for managers or owners, either. The ability to quickly create and instantly send confirmations, updates, and invoices to clients and customers makes them feel more in control as well.

Information Means Capital

There’s always the bottom line, and efficiency is always good for the bottom line. Having everything in one system lets your business work better and faster. Doing what you do better and faster means keeping the clients you have happy. It also means having the capability to take on more clients and expand your business.

Invest in the right technology, and you’ll have the first you need to stay competitive--and that’s why a WMS is the next step for improvement and expansion.