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WMS Dashboards & Reporting Tools

To be of value, reporting must be flexible, easy-to-use, and able to display your data precisely the way you want it. That’s why we developed the Dashboard feature and Ad-Hoc Reporting tools.

SphereWMS Dashboard is a brand new feature and it allows the user to see orders and processes in real time. The dashboard can show both inbound and outbound order data that can assist in labor planning and setting productivity goals. The tiles are completly customizable to the information that you or your customer is looking for.

SphereWMS Ad-Hoc Reporting provides the unfettered, self-service access to data you need to make well-informed strategic decisions, reduce risk, and increase productivity. Point-and-click functionality and a streamlined intuitive browser interface gets you up and running – without training or reliance on an IT department.

SphereWMS reporting provides a catalogue of predefined reports on order management, inventory, and shipments that can be used as-is – or easily modified to meet specific enterprise needs, such as customized shipment and billing reports for clients. Reports can be defined as private for restricted viewing – or made public, giving clients easy, 24/7 access to information about their shipments. It’s all just a point-and-click away.

wms dashboards and reporting tools
wms reports
WMS Dashboards and Reporting Tool Features Include:
  • Real Time Viewing
  • Activity Scorecards
  • Customizable Tiles
  • Create Your Own Reports
  • Schedule Delivery right into your Inbox
  • Multiple File Formats: PDF, XLS, CVS

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