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Pick to Light  Pick-to-Light

SphereWMS is proud to be a certified SKU-Rep of Voodoo Robotics and our Warehouse Management Software integrates seamlessly with Voodoo's Cloud Display Devices. 

Cloud Display Devices can be used to improve your warehouse order fulfillment in a variety of ways, including pick-to-light and put-to-light. 
The device lights up with two lines of custom text – for example, a pickers name, the SKU, and quantity to pick. Some orders might need color and size information, while others might need a date code or serial number. The device can even play a custom tune for each of your pickers.
The wireless lights can be mounted almost anywhere: racks, carts, bins, totes, forklifts, etc. Devices are self-monitored and two AA batteries can last for years (and are easy to change). 
Boost your order fulfillment productivity and accuracy with pick-walls, put-walls, flow racks, quarantine, kitting and more. Lights can be mounted to your current picking carts, turning them into SMART carts to optimize batch or cluster picking.


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