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ASP Global Services To Offer Free iOS Linea Pro Scanner for New Customers Signing Two-Year Service Commitment

By Mike Mullane | Dec 12, 2012 3:43:30 PM | Topic: press-releases

New SphereWMS customers will also reap benefits of innovative Warehouse Management Software

Centennial, CO - December 12, 2012 - ASP Global Services (ASPGS) has announced a promotion for new customers who agree to a two-year service commitment for a new SphereWMS System.

The promotion includes receiving a free iOS Linea Pro Scanner. Valued at $600, the iOS Linea Pro Scanner simplifies and modernizes the scanning process for companies looking to enhance business efficiency. The barcode scanning solution solves the pain-point many warehouse managers face when it comes to implementing scanning technology.

The iPhone/iPod app works in conjunction with the SphereWMS SaaS subscription, thus extending the scanning and inquiry functions. Apple devices slide into a housing that has a built-in laser scanner and easily connects to WiFi, 3G, or 4G. This allows for in-house transaction processing, in real-time. The streamlined process will help a warehouse run more efficiently and inventory can be managed more accurately.

With SphereWMS and our scanning solutions, you can streamline your entire receiving and put-away functions. SphereWMS speeds the movement of received goods from your shipping dock into your storage location based on your unique business rules and warehouse flow. With SphereWMS you see it, receive it, process it, and put it away – in the most efficient way possible. Companies who commit to the two-year contract reap benefits that will help improve their business’ bottom line.

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ASP Global Services ( is a leading provider of warehouse management solutions (WMS) to 3PL’s, distributors, and warehouse operators. The SphereWMS warehouse management solution simplifies the management of complex order and inventory business processes, making it easy for warehouse operators to manage multi-client and multi-site warehouse operations and manage the flow of information between trading partners, suppliers, and carriers throughout all logistics processes. By providing warehouse management solutions designed specifically for the way logistics providers work, APSGS helps its customers to improve efficiency, compete more effectively, improve top and bottom lines, and provide better visibility and service to customers.

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