Inbound Logistics Names SphereWMS to Top 100 for Logistics IT

Selected for its Consistent Ability to Deliver Innovative Solutions Empowering Logistics and Supply Chain Excellence

Denver, CO – May 23, 2022 – SphereWMS has been named a Top 100 Logistics IT provider for 2022 by Inbound Logistics magazine. applications.

As a fully hosted, web-based warehouse management system, SphereWMS enables companies to get up and running quickly with minimal upfront investment. “Our users start reaping the benefits of a better-managed facility quickly,” said

 Jake Micsak, president of SphereWMS. “Almost from the start, there is improved accuracy, better worker efficiency, and increased customer satisfaction.Top100-22-Sphere Inbound Logistics

“As the world continues to struggle with supply chain issues, it is critical that warehouses, distribution centers, and 3PLs have the tools needed to maximize their efficiency and visibility. Great software is a key component of the recovery, and we are pleased to be recognized for our contribution,” added Chris Hayes, Director of Operations.

Inbound Logistics recognizes the top 100 logistics IT companies every year for their superior software solutions. The selection process includes personal interviews, phone calls, questionnaires, and other research methods. Selected companies embody the Inbound Logistics readers’ needs for flexible pricing, simplicity, ROI, and frictionless implementation. The full list of companies can be found in Inbound Logistics’ April issue.


Implementing the best logistics technology helps large companies expand markets and drive undiscovered efficiencies. World-class solutions such as from SphereWMS are force equalizers for SMEs by leveling the playing field with their larger competitors. Best-in-class logistics IT also helps today's business logistics managers boost supply chain performance and customer service while cutting overall logistics costs.

Inbound Logistics editors selected Sphere WMS for its consistent ability to deliver innovative solutions empowering logistics and supply chain excellence for companies large and small,” says Editor Felecia Stratton at Inbound Logistics.

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About SphereWMS

SphereWMS is a leading innovator in providing real-time visibility to and reporting of activity and inventory in the warehouse. With its cloud-based and mobile solutions, the software easily handles order fulfillment, e-commerce integration, and retail EDI. The company has been delivering WMS solutions for more than 20 years and is based in Denver, Colorado. 


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