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ASP Global Services Enhances On-Demand Warehouse Management System to Help Customers Increase Productivity, Gain ‘On-the-Fly’ Insight

By Mike Mullane | Apr 12, 2010 11:38:37 AM | Topic: press-releases
SphereWMS streamlines business processes; self-service, ad hoc reporting frees users from reliance on IT

Chatsworth, CA - June 15, 2009 - ASP Global Services (ASPGS) announces the latest release of SphereWMS, its flagship warehouse management software. SphereWMS integrates order, inventory, warehouse, and logistics management; supports multi-client and multi-site configurations; and delivers real-time, global visibility throughout the supply chain.

The latest release of SphereWMS meets the needs of a growing number of third-party logistics (3PL) providers seeking fast results from an investment in warehouse management. A significant component of this new release is the introduction of a self-service, Ad Hoc Reports module that empowers users to create, manipulate, save, and share their own reports without having to rely on an in-house, professional IT department.

The reporting tool allows users to tailor reports to their specific needs through an intuitive browser interface, all without training. The reporting experience is further enriched by the ability to export data to charts in Excel, empowering the user with faster, more informed data analysis for critical decision making.

Product Features

  • Fast, Easy Reporting – Report wizard simplifies reporting without limiting the power to create reports that meet enterprise needs. Predefined data types, point-and-click functionality, and streamlined interface gets users up and running without training or reliance on an IT department.

  • Report Library – Houses user-defined custom reports as well as a catalogue of predefined reports on order management, inventory, shipments, etc. that can be used as-is or easily modified for custom reporting.

  • Simplified Report Definition – Point-and-click functionality allows users to select from predefined data types to create ad hoc reports. Reports can be defined as either public or private for restricted viewing.

  • Automated filter and sorting – Optional filtering and sorting capabilities allow users to narrow search results based on specified criteria, reduce visual clutter within reports, and specify multiple sort orders.

  • Flexible Report Configuration – Provides the ability to manipulate reports by modifying report pages, report criteria, and report configuration during the run phase. The final formatting is displayed after the complete report is downloaded.

  • Easy Export – With one click, users can export data to Excel XML files for further analysis.

  • Intuitive Browser Interface – Presents the Report Library and Report Definition functions on the same screen, saving users from paging between multiple screen views to define reports.

“Senior management is increasingly looking for the supply chain organization to deliver innovative operational strategies to support the overall business strategy,” explains Mike Mullane, Chief Executive Officer for ASP Global Services. “The ability to quickly find and access data necessary for decision making is a critical need for third-party logistics providers, yet many companies still lack timely visibility into the critical processes involved in warehouse management. Inflexible systems often prevent them from accessing information quickly enough to be able to use it for decision making.”

“Companies should view this economic downturn as a chance to question the status quo and transform their business processes,” continues Mullane. “We offer a simplicity and service level that you won't find with other providers and excel on quality and value. SphereWMS brings together the achievements of more than 20 years in delivering warehouse management solutions and enhances the ability of our clients to compete more effectively by empowering them to implement best practices. With this new release, we provide them with unfettered access to information that will allow them to make well-informed strategic decisions, reduce risk, and increase productivity.”

For more information on ASPGS, or SphereWMS, please visit us at, or call 866.887.2972.

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ASP Global Services ( is a leading provider of warehouse management solutions (WMS) to 3PL’s, distributors, and warehouse operators. The SphereWMS warehouse management solution simplifies the management of complex order and inventory business processes, making it easy for warehouse operators to manage multi-client and multi-site warehouse operations and manage the flow of information between trading partners, suppliers, and carriers throughout all logistics processes. By providing warehouse management solutions designed specifically for the way logistics providers work, APSGS helps its customers to improve efficiency, compete more effectively, improve top and bottom lines, and provide better visibility and service to customers.

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