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Order Fulfillment Order Fulfillment & Management

Your clients don’t have the luxury of time. They trust you to deliver their shipments to their customers as specified and on time. With SphereWMS you can live up to that trust.

With SphereWMS you can streamline your entire order process by integrating your customers’ unique business requirements directly into the work flow and implementing order fulfillment solutions tailored to meet their needs. Plus, you can measure your fulfillment processing success in real time, and maintain transparency by furnishing distributed performance reporting to your partners and clients.

SphereWMS warehouse management system provides the outbound processing functionality and full-cycle visibility you need to deliver the perfect order and service excellence your customers deserve, while keeping warehouse shipping costs under control. Warehouse operators fulfill orders against real-time inventory information and from multiple warehouse locations.

Orders are processed quickly, filled correctly, verified for accuracy, and shipped on time.


Order Fulfillment & Management Functions Include:

  • Order/Shipment Entry
  • Web-based Customer Order Entry
  • Order Acknowledgments Print
  • Order Allocation Based on FIFO or Specific Product Attributes
  • Pick Validation Processing
  • Shipping Label Print
  • Packing Slip Print
  • Commercial Invoice Print Proof of Delivery Update
  • Shipment Confirmation Notification by Email



Order Fulfillment & Management - Warehouse Management System


 Sample of a Picking Ticket for Order Filfillment.

Picking Ticket for SphereWMS warehouse management system

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